Environmental Authorizations

• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Environmental Management Plans
• Water Use License Application
• Waste License Applications
• Atmospheric Emission License applications
• Public Participation
• Rectification applications


• Legal compliance audits
• Monitoring and Reporting programs
• Training
• Environmental Control Officer functions
• Environmental Monitoring and Auditing
• ISO 14001 Internal Audits

Air Quality

• Compilations and Verification of Emissions Inventory
• Emission Reduction Strategies
• Emissions Implementation Plans
• Compliance Inspections and Audits
• Postponement Applications and Amendments


• Waste Classification and Assessment for Disposal
• Integrated Waste Management Plans
• Waste Minimization Planning and implementation
• Waste Disposal Site Management and operational Plans
• Waste disposal site closure and remediation plans

Land Management

• Contaminated Land Assesments
• Site Characterization
• Remediation Plans


• Water License Applications
• Integrated Waste and Water Management Plans (IWWMP)
• Storm Water Management Plans
• Water balances
• Data management and reporting

Compliance Management

• Administrating and facilitating Licence holders compliance functions
• Monitoring and Liaison Committees

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