Zantow Commodity Trading and Waste Minimisation

Zantow Environmental has been involved with numerous projects and clients where waste material was turned into a valuable product and thereby not only giving effect to the National Waste Hierarchy but also providing monetary reward to our customers. We have successfully avoided disposal of waste by finding suitable alternative users and uses for waste material. We trade in ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling. We strive to add value to waste material by finding other clients that can utilise the material in their production processes. Our diverse range of customers and contacts with national and international markets makes our business and efforts successful. Efficient, often out-the-box solutions give waste generators value added returns for traditionally landfilled wastes fulfilling the hierarchy of waste requirements. With the support of our Environmental Consulting Division we ensure that the waste minimisation and commodity trading initiatives are scrutinised against the relevant legislation and we ensure your waste is handled within the legal framework. This provides piece of mind to our clients as they are able to avoid disposal of waste whilst being assured the waste is handled in accordance with the legal requirements. We make use of partners in the processing and transport industry and can therefore offer our clients a tailor made turnkey solution.

HP1 is the evolution of the MDG probe. HP1 is smaller, lighter and designed to be fully compliant but also work with real-time analysers. The HP1 is self-regulated to work at 180C and features an inlet connection before the filter to allow dilution or be used for zero/span gas calibration.

Ferrous & Non Ferrous Products

• Steel
• Slag / Dross
• Coils / Slabs
• Non ferrous metals
• Dusts
• Mill Scale
• Mill Rolls

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