Dust Fall Sampling

Installation and supply of Dust Fall stands – Analysis and monitoring of Dust Fall Rates

Ground Water Sampling

Monitoring of water levels – Purge sampling – Baling method – Use of Passive Diffusive Bags

Surface Water Sampling

Effluent and storm water sampling – Sampling of water courses – Field sampling of EC, TDS, Ph and Salinity

Soil Sampling and soil vapour surveys

Waste and material

Ambient Monitoring

Soil Sampling and Quality Monitoring

Contaminated Land Assessment

Collection, analysis, and interpretation of soil quality in terms of relevant legislation and internationally approved procedures to assess the status and quality of any portion of land which may have been or is expected to have been subjected to traces of contamination.

Site Screening and Assessment

Undertaking of a full site screening, including where needed, a soil assessment, surface and ground water quality monitoring, ambient air quality monitoring, dust fall out monitoring and waste classification. When applicable, documentation and record reviews are also conducted.

Water Quality Monitoring

  • Surface water
  • On site pH, EC and TDS testing and Salinity

Dust Fall Out Monitoring

Ambient dust fall out provides valuable information on operational impacts for both mining and industrial sectors which can be used to determine and quantify overall ambient air quality for any area.

Our services include the supply and installation of dust fall monitoring equipment, sampling, and analysis, which is undertaken in terms of the National Environmental: Air Quality Act and associated regulations.

Our staff complement consists of qualified personnel who are equipped with sound knowledge and experience in all aspects of environmental law, -management, and implementation thereof.

Zantow Environmental Consulting Services provide compliance management as well as monitoring services.

Ambient VOC Monitoring

Using passive absorbent tubes, pollutants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are absorbed by means of diffusion and can be measured for reporting purposes.

Many activities and operations are known to emit Volatile Organic Compounds and are therefore required to be monitored.

Services provided in terms of ambient air quality monitoring and management:

  • Supply and installation of dust fall monitoring equipment.
  • Monthly reporting, data trending, and data interpretation.
  • Development and assisted implementation of dust management plans.
  • Record keeping, management and maintenance services.
  • Auditing in terms of Atmospheric Emissions Licenses (AEL’s)

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