Dado lab designs and manufactures equipment dedicated to stack emissions, environmental and occupational hygiene.
We develop new tools and features helping technicians to work better, easier and with greater quality control and assurance…. saving time and money.
We place ourselves in a league of our own using the following criteria when developing our products:
  • Knowledge of the application / methods / job
  • Rationalisation of solutions
  • Implementation of the best available technologies
  • Attention to every detail

HP1 – Gas sampling probe

HP1 is the evolution of the MDG probe. HP1 is smaller, lighter and designed to be fully compliant but also work with real-time analysers. The HP1 is self-regulated to work at 180C and features an inlet connection before the filter to allow dilution or be used for zero/span gas calibration.

PMx Sequential Samplers

The PMx Sequential sampler models Giano and Gemini were designed and developed by Dado lab to be more practical, flexible and with built-in robust solutions for data traceability.

HP5 – Heated Probe

Heated sampling probe for determining of particulate matter and chemicals in the gas phase. It’s unique design, combined with the clamp-free slide and lock device, allow the probe to freely rotate around it’s axis, reaching the swirl angle in accordance with the EN16911 and US EPA M1/2 standard, while making it easy to move with just two fingers.

SC6 – Smart Chiller

The SC6 is the upgraded version of the SC5 smart chiller, twice as efficient and powerful than before. Efficient, ergonomic, versatile, easy to transport and to operate. This chiller has a double function, it can be used as cooling bath for the impingers train and/or as chiller with recirculation capabilities for the the micropolluntants condensation device (PCDD/PCDF, Heavy Metals etc).

ST5 EVO – Isokinetic Sampler

The evolved version of the ST5 isokinetic sampler, developed to be even more efficient, easier to use, practical, cost-effective and timesaving. The perfect companion for stack testers.

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